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Most of the Map Services have been converted to Silverlight version to deliver higher performance & quality.

The Parcel finder app is now available on mobile devices. Bookmark the link in your mobile device or desktop web browser.
Locate various State, County, City and Township parks by searching or interactively exploring the map.
Locate Cemetery and Burial Sites by searching or interactively exploring the map. Cemeteries currently available: Gaines Twp, Kentwood, Walker, Plainfield Twp, Grandville, Grand Rapids Twp, Cascade Twp, Byron Twp, Lowell, City of Cedar Springs, Ada Township, and City of Rockford.
View the 2010 U.S. Census Population by block for Kent County and the City of Hudsonville. Explore the map and identify the demographics in your neighborhood (Beta Version).
View the Zoning for Kent County and the City of Hudsonville by interactively exploring the map.
View the Planned Landuse for Kent County and the City of Hudsonville by interactively exploring the map.
KCRC Official Map
Interactive mapping from GVMC Transportation. Find Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) Projects, traffic counts and more!


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